An icon Down Under since 1921

More than a century of delicious destiny

The ‘hole’ story of Life Savers® starts a long, long time ago...


In 1912, an American businessman named Ed Noble learned of a peppermint candy shaped like a life saver. Through Ed’s pioneering efforts in tinfoil packaging, distinctive label design and easy-reach product display, this candy with its distinctive ‘O’ shape quickly became an everyday favourite.


The first Life Savers® factory was established in Australia in 1921 on Parramatta Road in Sydney, and from that moment, Life Savers® was on a roll down under.

An enterprising young Australian named Bill Kirby saw the potential of Life Savers and he played a prominent role in building Life Savers® in Australia and across Asia.


In 1932, Musk was first introduced. Did you know it's a flavour unique to Australia?


Over time, more Life Savers® factories opened up across Sydney and Melbourne, and in the 1950s, there were no less than 14 Life Savers® flavours being produced.


Fast forward to 2021, Life Savers® celebrates its 100th year in Australia!


To celebrate a new century of fun and memories, Life Savers unveils a whole new range of lollies and chocolates, giving all sweet tooths out there new ways to enjoy their all-time favourites.

We are proud to be


Artificial Colours


Australian Made


Palm Oil Free

Where can I purchase?

The entire Life Savers® range of Lollies, Balls, Chocolates and Stix is available at Woolworths and Coles. Anyone looking for a quick way to sweeten their day can pick up a roll of Life Savers® across the country at most convenience stores and supermarkets.

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